Patience is a freelancer’s friend

It’s already been a year and a half since writer and journalist, Bryn Mooth, former editor of HOW Magazine, made the leap over to our side and started her freelance writing business. We’ve been following Bryn’s progress and talked to her again in early October about how the summer was (slow) and how Fall has been (very busy). Or, in her words, “After a slow summer, the calendar turned September and the phone started ringing. Is this the pattern? If so, next year I plan to take full advantage!”

I asked her to elaborate on the process behind a few of those new September projects because from the way it sounds, they just came out of the blue. But that’s rarely the case. There’s always some marketing at work in the background – whether it’s a result of strong positioning in the right places, or staying in touch with a prospect who seems interested but isn’t responding. I wanted to pull the veil back, so I asked her to elaborate.

Turns out, Bryn had actually been nurturing one of the new projects for a several months. She had sent a proposal in the Spring, when they seemed very eager to get started so she was confused when it sat for a while. She didn’t let that prevent her from staying in touch, which she did every 6 weeks or so. And in September, when it was time again to follow up, BINGO! The response was, “Your timing is perfect. We just hired a new marketing manager. Let’s set up a meeting for next week.” And the project started rolling.

Bryn’s lesson: “It’s a matter of being on someone’s mind when they’re ready to actually move forward. The project seemed promising in May but they needed time to get ready. So I realized that patience is a freelancer’s friend. I need to learn to be patient – patient with how quickly they respond, how quickly they decide, how quickly they commit.”

Bryn is also talking here about learning to know the difference between prospects who are excited and those who are ready to get started, which I wrote about in my Down to Business column for Applied Arts Magazine. 

In the podcast, she also asks me how to keep track of excellent prospects like these who just aren’t ready and I suggested our Marketing Plan + Calendar that pops into your iCal – it’s the simplest solution for people who don’t have tons of contacts to manage and need something that doesn’t require learning a whole new software application! You can download the Start Anytime version here.

Listen to the 15-minute interview here.