Pass this along to your prospects

One of the other speakers at the RGD Ontario professional development day on Tuesday was Kit Hinrichs, of one of Pentagram’s San Francisco-based partners.

During his presentation, which followed mine, Kit told stories and showed pictures (which the 100+ designers in attendance absolutely loved!) about recent Pentagram work he’s been involved with. One of the examples he showed was work from a journal he co-founded with the Corporate Design Foundation 10+ years ago called "@ Issue" — a journal about the effective use of design in business.

I remember when this beautifully designed magazine was introduced and have always appreciated the mission: to help the business world understand design and to help designers understand the business world.

As I was listening to Kit’s stories, it occurred to me that the material in this magazine is what many prospects and clients of designers need to read. So why not pass it along through your own newsletter — with full credit, of course. There are interviews with top CEOs and articles about the effect of many popular brands in our culture. Here’s the latest issue.

Subscriptions to the printed version are complimentary here.