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Packaging vs. Productizing Your Creative Services

Posted by Ilise Benun on

What I love about the new Shopify platform for the Marketing Mentor Online Store is the user-friendly analytics.

So far, the analytics tells me that The Pick a Niche Kit is the best selling product and The Package Pricing Bundle is the “most viewed.Package Pricing - cover

That makes sense — I’ve been promoting The Pick a Niche Kit a lot, so that promotion is working.

But I didn’t realize there was so much interest in package pricing, which I’ve been doing one-on-one with clients through my coaching and mentoring programs.

What am I going to do with that info?

Create a new product, of course! So I’m working on a companion to The Package Pricing Bundle for the Black Friday Sale (sign up for Quick Tips to make sure you hear about it via email).

As I create the product, I see that there are people promoting something that sounds like packaging your services but is entirely different: productizing.

Productizing is when you turn your services into a turn-key and automated product, often with the goal of removing yourself and hiring others to do it.

Packaging your services is a way of marketing your services that makes it easier for you to sell and easier for your clients to buy, partially because they understand what they’re getting.

The two ideas are related — in fact, when it’s ready, you can take your package of services, turn it into a product and hire others to deliver it.

But if you want to do the work you love and you’re looking for a way to sell more, packaging your services is the way to go.

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