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Outreach = Research: Video with Nick Matarese

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In this candid video, Nick Matarese, a creative freelancer in Delaware shares how he feels right before a research call—and tells how these calls helped him land a 2 year contract with one of his dream clients.

“That first 10-15 seconds, I’m terrified, I’m sweating … I don’t know what I’m doing, I feel like they’re going to know that I’m faking everything, but once I get going – start talking about design—then I’m fine. Get them to talk about their needs and how what you do can help with that, and then all the nerves are gone because you’re the expert. “

Nick’s great, never-give-up attitude is helping him build a small agency that specializes in sports branding and marketing. Watch to find out more about Nick’s growth:

Nick’s success will be part of a new online event, Strategies for Creative Freelancers (which will be held on Tues. Oct 29, 2013). Learn more & sign up today! Use promo code “CFFALL2013” to get $50 off.

* The poster Nick created from a saying that inspired him in a fortune cookie.

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