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Our first time was all smiles and candy bracelets

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We are just back from Denver where, after a very successful CFC, we moved over to the HOW Design Conference where we had a Marketing Mentor booth in the Resource Center (see photo below). It was our first time at a trade show, and we had so much fun meeting new people, hearing what they do – and sharing what we do.

We were like kids in a candy store. Speaking of candy… people seemed to love the candy bracelets we were handing out, and we found ourselves to be quite popular because of them. We were thrilled when one person said, “I was in a bad mood, and this candy bracelet just made me so happy!”

From talking to so many people at the trade show, something became very clear:

The more you talk about what you do – the more natural you become.

Deidre and I got plenty of practice talking about Marketing Mentor – and as the time passed, we got more and more casual and adaptable. Conversation just flowed, and we found ways to connect with people depending on each unique situation. By immersing ourselves in this trade show situation, we got better.

Here we are in the booth:

Ilise+Deidre with banner 

Want to practice your 10-word blurb?

Join me and Dyana Valentine in NYC this Wednesday, June 16th, at 6:30PM. Details here:

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