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One creative firm’s success with retainers & more

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you could get reliable clients with ongoing work, would you?
These clients exist, but most creative professionals don’t pursue them.

They’re called: retainer clients.
Some creative firms work mostly on retainer with a project here and there. Other creative firms have one or two bread-and-butter retainer clients while pursuing more exciting one-off projects.
Either way, having a couple retainer clients is the way to get through any difficult economic time. Retainer clients can be your bread and butter. They can keep your cash flowing. It’s great to work on a project to project basis, but you should always be looking for ongoing relationships to balance them out. Not sure how? This interview is a must listen.

Janet Mobley from Fat Cat Strategies, shares a wealth of information about her business, and especially about her retainer clients. She talks about:

• Why 2010 came in like a lamb and went out like a lion
• How her firm talks about the services they offer, especially retainer services
• The “dark side” of retainers
• Properly outlining retainer relationships
• Mini-retainers
• Why she prefers “unofficial” networking events
• Why language like, “Do you need a brochure?” doesn’t work

Listen in to the interview (25 min) of the Marketing Mentor podcast…

If you need help finding possible retainer clients to pursue, take advantage of my free mentoring session.

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