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Oct. 28: Business Bootcamp in San Francisco

Posted by Ilise Benun on

"We need a web site."

That's what the client says, right? 

Whether the client's internal or external, they can't tell you much more than that and they expect you to produce-and quickly.

That's just one of the many business challenges presented by the rise of digital design, where the projects are:

• More technical
• More complex
• More difficult to scope out
• More prone to scope creep

It's dizzying how many new skills you need to learn-both design skills and business skills-in order to compete in this new world.

That's why we're introducing the new Business Bootcamp for Interactive Design, featuring cameo appearances by two accomplished interactive designers. The Bootcamp will take place before the HOW Interactive Design Conference on Sunday, October 28, 1-4 p.m. in San Francisco. 

In this 3-hour workshop, you'll learn about the Three Ps: Positioning, Proposals and Pricing for Interactive Projects.

Positioning: Why should they hire you?
Proposals: How do you scope a complex project without giving away your time? Erin Pheil of TimeforCake Creative Media will describe a technique that's working for her firm.
Pricing: What's the going rate for a web site? Dave Benton of Metajive will shed some light and share his pricing philosophy.

You'll come out of the session with:

  • A positioning statement and more clarity about how your department or firm is different from the competition
  • A better way to do better proposals 
  • More confidence in your ability to negotiate and secure these projects

Will you be there?

I hope so. It will be a good one. 

You can either attend the pre-conference workshop as a stand-alone event on Sunday afternoon. 

Or, you can attend the whole shebang and take advantage of my personal "Marketing Mentor" discount to get $50 off with promo code BENUN12.* 

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