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No Facebook for Business

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

I'd rather do one thing right than do 10 things half-assed.

This is why I've decided to focus my social networking efforts on Biznik and Linkedin only.  Just because everyone else has 74 social networking profiles doesn't mean I have to.  

I'm aware that I'm entering dangerous territory by saying this, but I promised to always post honestly, so here I go.

Here's my theory…

Most people who socially network are on Linkedin, right? 

So why do I need to be friends/contacts with all the same people in numerous places?  It's repetitive, and it's setting me up for wasting time.

Yes, I know each different site is capable of different things.  Yes, I know I could use an aggregator (aggravator). But it's easy (for me anyway) to spend too much time socially networking and not enough time picking up the phone to call a prospect or actually working.

Yes, you can be in touch with hundreds of people online, but I don't need hundreds.  I just need a few good ones.  Carefully chosen clients who I can develop real, meaningful relationships with—that's what I need.

My thoughts on Facebook:  I think Facebook is intended for personal use, and maybe it should stay that way.  I have a personal profile on Facebook, and I have to be honest… I don't care if Mary from high school has a headache today.  I don't care if Paula is tired and wants to go home, and I don't care if Jim just ate the best burrito.   Facebook is self-righteous.  I don't care if Billy just bought a sweater, and I don't expect him to care if I did. 

If I just had the best burrito of my life (and I really thought this was important or relevant), I would email all of my friends who really like burritos to tell them about it.  Announcing it on Facebook is weird and impersonal and it just makes me wonder, who actually cares? 

Personal information relayed in an impersonal matter just bothers me.

Yes, I could create a separate profile for business, but as hard as I tried to keep my contacts business related, these people who I hardly know will have lives, and these lives might carry over into my line of view. I feel uncomfortable having this voyeuristic view into people's lives, particularly when I don't know them. 

Because of this, I have no desire to use Facebook for business purposes.

Now, this is why I liked Linkedin and Biznik.  There isn't as much personal-business blur.  I'm not saying business shouldn't be personal.  I want to know what motivates people, what shapes them, what their interests are, what makes them laugh and what kind of dogs they have—I just don't want to know who's flight was delayed for 6 hours or who didn't have time to get their morning cup of coffee. 

As for Twitter:  I don't even want to go down that road.  I'm not saying I NEVER will, but I'm not signing up today.  Why? Because (as I was considering signing up) I discovered on the homepage that Ev waited all morning for PG&E who never showed up, Maggie just landed in LA, and mollydotcom wished she could sleep all day.  UGH.

I'm sure people might tweet things I care about, yes.  I'm sure they might tweet, "I'm so busy I don't have time to do my marketing" to which I could reply, "Hi, let me help you" but there is too much noise in the way.  Even if there were a few relevant tidbits of information, it wouldn't be (for me) worth all the crap I'd have to get through to find it.

I don't like the fact that I'm subject to advertising every time I'm outside.  The sides of buses, floors, walls, coffee cups, everything boasts advertising, and the more social networking sites I sign up for, the more advertising I'm willingly subjecting myself to.  Yes, I know there are many people who use Twitter for relevant things.  I enjoyed this article, Rebel Against Twitter Rules: Do What Works for you.  The author talks about different ways people use Twitter, and I felt that all methods besides "Traditional Twitter" were too impersonal to sit well with me.

My mind gets cluttered easily, and I spend so much time taking long walks, doing yoga and playing guitar trying to clear it out.  I'd rather just keep things simple.

Is anything so wrong with simple? 

*Note to Twitter and Facebook lovers: I'm sorry if I've upset you.  As you're deciding to never read my posts again, I'd like to beg you to give me another chance.  I hope you can forgive me. Maybe we can still be friends on Biznik and LinkedIn–where I promise not to tell you about my rash if you don’t tell me about yours.

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