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Niche #6: Related-Industry Focus

Posted by Ilise Benun on

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Thinking about choosing a niche? We’ve already covered 5 niches in my blog series focusing on the 10 niches featured in the new Pick A Niche Kit (available now in the Marketing Mentor Online Shop). If you missed some posts, read them here.

Niche #6: Related-Industry Focus

Definition: This type of focus is similar to the umbrella focus. The difference is that with related industries, there is an obvious relationship between them — whereas with the umbrella focus, there isn’t.

Sterling Creative Works

Indulgence brands (wine, spirits and food)

Smart design for indulgence brands

Positioning message:
We are a strategy, branding, and packaging agency dedicated to creating brands that elicit desire and inspire devotion.

Secondary message:
A standout brand has emotional resonance and depth. It uses all the senses to convey a clear point of view. It stands for something, and inspires fierce loyalty among consumers who align with that point of view. While a great name and striking design are essential to success, to create a meaningful and lasting emotional bond with consumers, your brand must deliver much more. In the crowded wine, spirits and food categories, getting a shopper to pick up your package is only the first step. We help you develop your brand’s unique emotional appeal to your target consumer. We aim to make them crave it, then fall into a long-term relationship because it inspires them, aligns with their values and elevates their daily lives. We want nothing short of devotion.

There is a clear relationship between the 3 markets this firm is targeting — wine, spirits and food — but creatively connecting them with a term like “indulgence brands” shows their expertise and understanding of these markets.


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PANK_thumb_medTo Specialize or Not to Specialize - How 5 Happy Freelance Creatives Found Their Niche. Thumbnail. 500 x 500 px

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