Niche #5: Umbrella Focus

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Today is the halfway point in my series of blog posts focusing on the 10 niches featured in the new Pick A Niche Kit (available now in the Marketing Mentor Online Shop). See the first four niches here.

Niche #5: Umbrella Focus

Definition: The umbrella focus is where you can really get creative. You identify a common denominator, a common idea, a through-line amongst the different types of companies and industries you’d like to work with.

One example of an umbrella could be the idea of “transformation.”  In the audience of my @CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve, there was a producer who wanted to work with clients whose work had to do with transformation. Sounds a bit vague, right? But if you think about it (and we did), he could work with yoga teachers and thought leaders and conservationists – all people looking to create change for people or for the environment. That’s the common thread – all of that can fit under his “niche” umbrella of “transformation.”

Another example is Greenfield Graphic Design.

Greenfield Graphic Design

A green field is the common thread of three distinct industries


Homepage message:
Ready to grow your brand’s future? Fresh & consistent branding starts here.

Positioning message:
A green field is where it all starts. Horses graze and compete, race meets are run, seeds are sown and food is harvested. Whether your company raises or races thoroughbreds, harvests crops or distills liquor — Greenfield Graphic Design specializes in sharing the wares you worked so hard to cultivate.

In this case, the idea of a “green field,” expressed in the copy and images, draws parallels between the markets for horse racing, food and liquor.



Sometimes it’s hard to see it for yourself. When I do this with clients, I often see things they don’t see.

So if you like this idea and want to try it, here’s what you do. You look at all of your samples, the work you’ve done, and you ask: what is the common denominator?

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PANK_thumb_medTo Specialize or Not to Specialize - How 5 Happy Freelance Creatives Found Their Niche. Thumbnail. 500 x 500 px