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Niche #3: Horizontal + Vertical Combo Focus

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Last week, I launched my series of blog posts focusing on the 10 niches featured in the new Pick A Niche Kit (available now in the Marketing Mentor Online Shop). I demonstrated a vertical niche and a horizontal niche.

Today, I’m talking about a combination of the two.

Niche #3: Horizontal + Vertical Combo Focus
Definition: This very narrow focus model is identified by the intersection of vertical focus areas (client-driven) and horizontal focus areas (service-driven). One of the main benefits of a focus this narrow is that there’s not a lot of competition.

Example #1
Bryn Mooth

Writing about food and design for news publishers and marketers

“Writing about food, wellness and design”

Homepage message:
I help publications, creative firms and brands tell mouthwatering stories to their audiences. And I can bring a tasty approach to copywriting for your next project.

Bryn Mooth’s focus works both vertically and horizontally. She serves two primary niches: food and design. And within those vertical niches, she offers a range of services, from writing journalistic articles for publication, to crafting sales-oriented marketing copy. In the food category, for example, she contributes writing and editing to a regional food magazine, and contributes B2B event-marketing copy to a food industry association.


Example #2
Dando Projects

Alcohol branding


Homepage message:

Positioning message:
Dando Projects is a full service design studio specializing in alcohol branding. Dando is rooted in a community of artists who work in fashion, magazine and web editorial, photography, illustration, advertising and bring a fine arts sense to brand identity. Dando Projects gets their clients’ products off the shelves and into the hands of enthusiasts.

The homepage has nothing but images to convey their focus: beautiful bottles of booze — and it works!


There is one more example of the Horizontal + Vertical Combo Focus PLUS 9 more niches featured in the new Pick a Niche Kit – download it now for the pre-sale promotional price AND you’ll get the BONUS ebook from To Specialize or Not to Specialize: How 5 Happy Freelancers Found Their Niche. And sign up for the free 30-minute mentoring session with Ilise Benun.

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