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Niche #2: Focus on a horizontal service offering

Posted by Ilise Benun on

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This week, I launched my series of blog posts focusing on the 10 niches featured in the new Pick A Niche Kit (available now in the Marketing Mentor Online Shop).

The first niche I demonstrated was focus on a vertical industry sector. I showed examples of real live creatives who are specializing and thriving vertically.

Today, I’m talking about horizontal focus.

Niche #2: Horizontal
Definition: This service-driven model focuses on a specific medium, discipline or service — like web design, black and white photography or SEO copywriting.

Example #1

Kristin Murphy Design

Package design

We package fun!

Homepage message:
Need stand-out packaging for your unique product?

Positioning message:
Have a pet, toy, giftware or specialty food product that needs to shine? We’ll deliver packaging that compels — and ensure your product launches with speed, agility and direction.

The ideal prospects here are product manufacturers, especially those who need “fun” packaging, such as the 3-4 different sub-markets identified in the positioning message. Those are the markets to which the language, imagery and samples all speak. So it’s narrow and broad at the same time.


Example #2

Maxwell Edwards

Wayfinding design

Because life is too short to be lost….

Homepage message:

Positioning message:
Colleges and universities hire Maxwell Edwards to solve their wayshowing dilemmas, impart their brand story, and unravel the seemingly endless details that people need to know about buildings and campuses today. Clients keep coming back because we “get them” and their needs.

The benefit of focusing on a specific service, like wayfinding and signage, is that you can dive deep into all the various types, as this site does with a long list of types of signs on the About page. That alone demonstrates expertise!


There are 9 more niches featured in the new Pick a Niche Kit – download it now for the pre-sale promotional price AND you’ll get the BONUS ebook from To Specialize or Not to Specialize: How 5 Happy Freelancers Found Their Niche. And sign up for the free 30-minute mentoring session with Ilise Benun.

PANK_thumb_medTo Specialize or Not to Specialize - How 5 Happy Freelance Creatives Found Their Niche. Thumbnail. 500 x 500 px

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