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Niche #1: Focus on a vertical industry sector

Posted by Ilise Benun on

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You may have noticed that I’m on a mission lately to show people that focus is the key to success.

So today we are launching a series of 10 blog posts and in each I will describe 1 of the 10 niches featured in the new Pick A Niche Kit (available now in the Marketing Mentor Online Shop) complete with examples of real live creative professionals thriving in that niche.

Niche #1: Vertical
The first niche is the most common and the most obvious one: a vertical niche.

Definition: This client-driven model defines your focus by a particular type of client, industry or business sector, such as “nonprofit, women business owners or healthcare technology manufacturers.”

Example #1
Big Duck NYC

Focus: Nonprofits
Tagline: Smart communications for nonprofits

Homepage message:
We help you do good even better.

Positioning message:
Big Duck is a communications firm that works exclusively with nonprofits. We focus on three different areas  —  brandraising, campaigns, and consulting  —  to help organizations reach supporters, build awareness, and raise money.

Highlight: This well-established firm is committed to their vertical positioning (focused on nonprofits) so much so that the firm turns away everything that doesn’t fit their focus.


Example #2
Alyssa Martin

Focus: Copywriting for women entrepreneurs

Homepage message:
Strategic copywriting for difference makers & creative entrepreneurs to help you make your mark on the world

Positioning message:
I’m a web copywriter for women entrepreneurs who do work that matters & need strategic words to help spread their message.

The design and imagery speak to women even though the primary homepage message doesn’t overtly use that word. This keeps it broad at the top level and narrows as prospects dive in deeper.




There are 3 more examples in the vertical niche PLUS 9 more niches featured in the new Pick a Niche Kit – download it now for the pre-sale promotional price AND you’ll get the BONUS ebook from To Specialize or Not to Specialize: How 5 Happy Freelancers Found Their Niche. And sign up for the free 30-minute mentoring session with Ilise Benun.

PANK_thumb_medTo Specialize or Not to Specialize - How 5 Happy Freelance Creatives Found Their Niche. Thumbnail. 500 x 500 px


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