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Newsletters = Personal; Blogs = Expertise

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

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What’s the difference between a blog and a newsletter?

Jill Anderson’s recent post on the Creative Freelancer Blog answers that question:

A blog and a newsletter are very different marketing vehicles. Ideally, they will work together—but either can exist separately and still be effective. 

Newsletters are for getting personal. A newsletter is exclusive. People need to sign up to get it. Use it to say, “Hey, I’m a person, here’s what I’m up to…” You can toot your own horn, share business happenings, and even personal happenings. A newsletter is push marketing (because you push it into their inboxes). For delivery, you want to be utilizing a third-party service (like MailChimp). Since it’s a great two-person conversation-starter, make sure to use your reader’s first name: Dear Jill…

Blogs are for sharing expertise. A blog is where you keep the articles that you write. It lives on your website (your blog should be part of your website, not separate), and it’s there for whoever wants to read it. Any visitor, anywhere in the world, can see your whole blog, or its individual posts. You should look as each post and as a place for readers to learn something. Each post should stand on its own, but it can (and should) link to other posts and resources. Your blog is meant to be a conversation-starter and should allow comments.

To find out how Jill ties them together (as many people do), check out her post on the Creative Freelancer Blog.

And find sample newsletters from other creatives in the Toolbox here.

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