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New Online Marketplace Needs Your Feedback

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I’ve noticed that some creative professionals have been trying to use the CFC Group on LinkedIn to find collaborators and other freelancers to help with projects, which is great! But LinkedIn isn’t really set up for that.

That’s why I was excited when I was approached recently by Rick Carlile. He’s building a next generation site called which is designed as “the first networked professional marketplace” and will make it easier for you to connect and actually transact business – at least that is the goal.

Here’s what’s better about Aegora: Unlike traditional text-heavy profiles, the profiles on are content-rich, image-driven and allow you to showcase your skills and services in a more positive light. (The options for profile style are limited at the moment but at least you have a choice.) The site also allows you to create your own network so you can rapidly locate the right people to collaborate with and buy from. Once your profile is open to the public, you can use it like a web site and drive prospects there to view it. (Take a look at my profile here:

The site is in its infancy and they need your feedback. So if you want to be part of its growth, go to and click “sign up” to request your invitation. Once you receive it, you can start creating your content-rich profile. Also, join the Assembly, a discussion forum for early adopters where you can share your feedback. (Join “assembly” in the footer.)

You can also listen to an interview I did with Rick about the site (and the future of work).

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