Networking: What’s really possible?

Networking is scary for a lot of people I talk to every day. But if you’re scared, then networking isn’t what you think.

Networking is actually a way of seeing the world. And that "way" involves seeing all the potential opportunities in front of you and connections you could possibly make – and then deciding (on a case-by-case basis) which ones you want to act on.

Here's what else networking is….

  • It’s a way of being open and having your eyes open no matter where you are or what you’re doing, business, personal, everything. (If you don’t have your eyes open as you go through the world, you will miss opportunities that are presented to you. You won’t even see them.)
  • It’s about seeing how you can be useful to the people in your life and how they can be useful to you. And don't think that's too mercenary because that’s the reality of the capitalistic world we live in.

Ready to see all of networking’s possibilities?

Come tomorrow (Tues. Oct 8) the unconventional and fun Speed Networking Event that The Freelancers Union is hosting in Brooklyn

And if you missed the webinar I gave last week for The Creative Group, Tips & Tricks for 21st Century Professional Networking, don’t fear – watch it here.