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Need time-tracking to be simpler?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Exactly how much time did you spend on your last project?

If you’re not sure (because you don’t track your time) – there are no more excuses!  The fantastic people at FunctionFox just made time-tracking for creatives and solopreneurs even easier.

FunctionFox releases TimeFox Lite: Simple time and project tracking designed specifically for solo entrepreneurs and freelance creatives.

This easy-use-system offers simple, intuitive time and project tracking capabilities to help solo entrepreneurs and freelance workers succeed.

For just $20 a month, TimeFox Lite gives users the ability to add unlimited clients and projects and, provides a timesheet with a timer. Users can customize preferences to suit their needs, set up tasks with editable rates, track the status of each project, and produce a variety of reports.

There's even a personal calendar, an iPhone app and a Mac widget. Like all FunctionFox products, TimeFox Lite users also benefit from the company's popular unlimited free customer support.

Don’t waste another minute.

For more information, and to receive 10% off your subscription, click here.  

Plus, for a wealth of information for creative pros, on topics like Case Studies: Do Yours Win Business?, How Do You Determine Pricing? and Stop Giving Away Your Time, visit the Function Fox resource page:

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