Need an overhead & hourly wage worksheet?

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Edward Flynn is a Portland-based digital artist, designer and man of many hats with 20+ years in the business of Graphic Arts. He created an overhead and hourly rate worksheet for us to share, and he’s written about why.

The recession hit my digital imaging and design business in a big way in the latter part of 2009, early 2010. But I decide to be proactive and search out as much info as possible to get it back on track. So I began rereading all my back issues of How magazine. This eventually led me to the articles, and then books, by Ilise Benun and Shel Perkins.

Their books have been invaluable in helping me to re-educate myself on being self-employed, re-focusing my marketing and generally making sure that 2011 is full of promise for my business.

Their teaching were of such help that it motivated me enough to lobby the local AIGA and insist that they run a seminar on how to make Designers better business people.

They of course said, "Hey that's a great idea! Make it happen!" To which they then gave me all the support i needed to organize several seminars on that topic.

As part of these seminars, I contacted another designer, Megan Clark, owner of Vancouver, WA graphic design firm Clark & Company, Inc., who just launched her newest endeavor, The Exceptional Creative, a website for entrepreneurial graphic designers that features a downloadable kit, packed with business templates created specifically for graphic designers.

Together we created an interactive worksheet which designers could use to calculate their Overhead Costs and the Hourly Wage which was to be used at these events.  The worksheet was such a hit with attendees and everyone we  showed it too,  that we decided it had to be shared with the person who we considered our business mentor, Ilise Benun.

It's the least we could do to repay all she's done for us.

Download the worksheet here.

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