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Need accountability to succeed in 2012?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you don’t make marketing a habit—right now—it will be on the back-burner within two weeks. What kind of year will that make for?

If self-motivation is hard for you—then use accountability to keep you on track. One of the best ways to become accountable—to yourself, to your buddy, and to me—is to join the Beginner Marketing Group.

This 6 month process will get you in the habit of marketing your services. In 6 months, you’ll have a foundation for your marketing that includes:

  • a clearly defined target market to focus on
  • a list of your ideal prospects – real people you can work with – and the places to meet them online and off
  • blurbs you can use to introduce yourself (and talk about what you do) in any situation
  • insight into how to use social networking without wasting your time 
  • a "one-sheet" that you can send when a prospect asks for more information
  • an un-newsletter that reflects your business goals and speaks directly to your target market 
  • a marketing-smart website that attracts and engages prospects
  • a script to do direct outreach via LinkedIn, phone and email to your target market prospects
  • a system for tracking your best prospects so you don’t forget what the last contact was
  • actual, practical experience using all of these tools so you can continue with confidence 
  • a step by step plan to connect with your target market

New Beginner Marketing Groups are starting next week and the week of January 16! Details here and sign up here.

Does it work? Here’s what past group members have said.

Read this blog post from an editorial freelancer who did it.

And a series of blog posts from various members.

Ready? Details here and sign up here

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