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My voice in your ear

Posted by Ilise Benun on

It started as an experiment. But then I got into a groove and I kind of liked doing it.

That's when the flattery started — they liked what I was doing. (And who can resist a compliment, much less a slew of them?)

So I kept going. And now I'm hooked.

What is it?


My voice in your ear (on an iPod or even through the speakers on your computer), twice a week, telling you over and over not to stop marketing your services (because repetition is key when developing a new habit) and exactly how to do it.

That's the crux of my still-unnamed audio tips. And 354 people (that I know of) are receiving them and hopefully listening to them. (If you want them, too, listen here and sign yourself up.)

But that's not all. I'm learning a lot about marketing from this experiment. Audio is proving to be one of the most effective, least expensive marketing tools in our toolbox. You know why?

Because when people can hear your voice, it makes you real. That's why I keep harping on my clients to make those cold/research calls and leaving voice mail messages when you don't get through to your prospect. They need to hear your voice. It makes you oh so human (especially when you make a mistake or fumble your words — try it as a "technique") in a world that is becoming more and more virtual and isolating and, in my opinion, inhuman.

If you want to add audio to your own toolbox, check out the service we use, Audio Acrobat. (Colleen insists I tell you that's an affiliate link.)

And I'm thinking of offering a new group to help you do that. So if you're interested, send email to ilise AT marketing-mentor DOT com with "audio group" in the subject line and I'll come up with some details and get them to you.

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