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My Project Management System – Part 2

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Hi, in yesterday’s post I shared the 3-part system I use to keep my projects, new business development and marketing efforts on track.  Just to re-cap they were:

• content and project management software
• visual display of the broad-stroked
• daily ‘to-do’ list

Today, I’m going to go into a bit more detail about how you might fine the right content and project management software for your business.  There are lots of really great options out there, so this can take a little research, but it’s like finding the right partner or apartment – once you see it you’ll know it and you’ll be SO happy! 

I’d recommend writing down the top 5 things that you’re looking for it to do.  I needed:

1. MAC friendly software that synchs between computers and my handheld device
2. All of my data in one place
3. To link contacts, emails, tasks and documents
4. Ease of importing/exporting of data 
5. User-friendly software with a well designed interface

I’m not a software expert and haven’t tried many of the options that are out there, but after some trial and error (which ranged from excel spreadsheets, to the hugely popular Basecamp), I found the perfect fit for my needs.   Daylite by MarketCircle is a ‘business productivity manager’ that met all of my requirements and, with the help of a webinar or 2, was easy to master. It’s as perfect for a one-man/woman shop as it is multi-person operation and can be used across any industry.  Check out the website to learn more and download a free, 30 day trial.

Now, I appreciate that for many of you, sharing your creative work with virtual teams and your clients is critical to managing your projects.  If that’s the case for you, there are several options that do a great job – one of the most popular being Basecamp by 37Signals.  I know several creative individuals and groups who use (and love) it.  Check out to learn more about Basecamp, as well their other web based apps that can help you collaborate and share information.

Not the right fit for you?  There are lots of folks who’ve tried and tested a bunch of alternatives and are happy to share their thoughts with you.   Here’s just one source:

Check back tomorrow for the project management support acts.

Justine Clay is the founder of Pitch Perfect and teaches creative talent and entrepreneurs the business, interpersonal and project management skills they need to transform their creative ideas into paying projects and lasting professional relationships. To sign up for her newsletter, or learn more about upcoming workshops, please visit


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