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My first impressions of Periscope

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I am not an early adopter.

That much about myself I know.

I don’t rush to try every new app or tool that people start talking about. Maybe I should, but I generally like to wait and see how people use it, how it shakes out, how BIG the “next big thing” really becomes.

The latest “next big thing” seems to be Periscope. And since I’m trying not to lag behind as much as usual, I signed up to check out how Terri Trespicio, one of my faves (who does jump right in to try something) is using it. Here’s what she did on Periscope yesterday.

TerriT on Periscope







So essentially, whatever you’re doing or seeing, you can broadcast it live with Periscope.

  • If I’m talking on the phone with a client, I could broadcast it. (Is that the right thing to do?)
  • If I’m walking my dog, I could broadcast it. (He’s too big and unpredictable — that wouldn’t be smart.)
  • If I’m attending a workshop or meeting, I could broadcast it. (Is it legal? Don’t I need people’s permission?)

People seem to be trying to find the value. You come up with a tidbit of “value” and you use Periscope to share it, okay. Then people join in — add their comments and questions, which seems very disruptive and dilutes the value.

I felt weird jumping in while Terri was broadcasting — she stopped talking to say hi to me. She stopped for others to answer their (mostly unrelated) questions or acknowledge their comments. It just seems weird.

That’s what I think today….


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