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My dog ate my self-discipline

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Did you see Ilise’s latest tip? It was a major self-discipline awakening for me and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. (For starters, Ilise promised herself she wouldn’t eat any ice cream at her first Baskin Robbins job—and then she didn’t!)

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to finish a little personal project I’ve been working on procrastinating for years. So I booked a little getaway (with my dog, Cannoli) where I would just focus on getting it done. (For some reason — probably a procrastination technique – I decided I couldn’t get it done in my house or my zip code.)

So we checked into the randomly-selected but very lovely Residence Inn Binghamton. Cannoli was understandably excited because of all the new smells, but finally she settled down and I got a few hours of work done. The next morning though, Cannoli (who usually sleeps until 7 and then pretty much sleeps 89% of the day) woke up at 4 AM. Fine. I would just start the day early.

When 8 AM arrived, we had already gone on 5 walks. In between being bonkers (video below) and asking to go outside (I was so nervous she’d pee on the rug that I kept taking her) I wondered what the hell I was doing. This dog is adorable, but I’m not going to get any work done here! Bleary eyed, I packed and we left.

I’m pleased to say that when I got home, Cannoli hopped on her favorite couch for a nap after her exciting morning, and (after taking a short nap myself!) I worked on my project for hours.

The morning after that, I went to the coffee shop first-thing and did a few hours there. Then came home and worked on it all afternoon.

I’ve continued to work on it every day since then— and it’s just about done! My plan is to have it fully completed by September 15th.

I realized I totally can finish this project here, in my house, or wherever I want (except maybe somewhere Cannoli is being so energetic) — it’s just a matter of making myself do it.

And like Ilise said in the tip, these things are critical—especially (I think) number two!

  1. Get up early.
  2. Work on your own business first thing.
  3. When you’re ready to move on to client work, do one more thing for yourself.

There is something very important about working on your own stuff first thing. It sets the stage for the day and it feels awesome.

Tired of procrastinating? You can break the cycle. Start first thing tomorrow and you’ll see that it’s not as hard as you thought. I promise!

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