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My Digital Marketing Prediction for 2016: Get Comfy Going Live

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Digital Mktg Radio 2015

On Monday, I participated in David Bain’s Digital Marketing Radio Christmas Special, where 54 “experts” answered this question:

“What is your digital marketing prediction for 2016 and how will this impact businesses?”

My 1 minute of fame starts at 15:50 and here’s what I said: Get Comfortable Going Live

With more and more content bombarding us, much of it scripted, edited and therefore fake, I think people will be drawn to, even perhaps crave, what is live, imperfect and therefore authentic. 

Authenticity manifests in digital marketing as live content – real people in real time, without make up, without rehearsal (sometimes even without preparation), being spontaneous, often making mistakes and being imperfect.

As a marketer, that means you need to get used to showing yourself.

The truth is, live presenting is one of the most effective ways to engage your prospects— sometimes better than writing, because by seeing and/or hearing you, they get a sense of you as a person, and that often makes them feel like they know you, thereby instilling trust — if you do it well.

So you have to be comfortable (or get comfortable) doing that. It takes practice but it can be very effective once you get in the groove.

Audio, video, the tools are there – we’re using one of them right now! Periscope, Blab, Meerkat and who knows what’s next.

You can watch the entire replay here or listen to it as an audio podcast on iTunes here.

And if your “prediction” for 2016 is better clients with 2016-Marketing-Plan-Landscape-Mockup2bigger budgets, check out

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