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More #HOWLive Speaker Podcasts

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’ve been following along (and listening), you’ve already seen the first 3 podcast episodes of the HOW Design Live Speaker podcast series with Aaron Draplin, Rob Harr and Mark McGuiness.
Here are two more with Janine Vangool and Doug Dolan PLUS my favorite quotes from each one:
Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE Magazine, talks about how she went from freelance designer to magazine publisher and reveals her “secret to success.”
  • “Had I known how creative business would be when I was in college I would have taken a different path and learned some business skills back then. I’m learning by experience now.”


Doug Dolan, communications strategist and writer, talks about how creative professionals can stop undervaluing the strategic thinking they naturally bring to a client’s project – and start charging for it.

  • “Clients often think they’ve thought it all out and now they need someone to implement it. But what all of us do is a bit more complicated.”
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