More copywriting clients in 30 days

Right now, copywriter extraordinaire (and my client) Bob Bly is doing a “Getting Clients” teleconference series, geared towards copywriters, for AWAI. It is made up of a 30-day roadmap to follow, and 6 sesssions with 6 different experts, including:

1. Selling Yourself in the Great Recession
2. Selling Yourself with Direct Mail
3. Selling Yourself through Speaking and Writing
4. Selling Yourself through a Website
5. Selling Yourself through Social Media and Blogging
6. Selling Yourself through Networking

I’m the expert for the “Selling Yourself through Networking” session, and with Bob, I will be talking about making contacts, meeting potential clients, and building relationships through good old-fashioned networking.

More info on the series here: