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Monday’s Marketing Task: Research

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In the latest podcast/interview with freelance writer and journalist, Bryn Mooth (of, we talked about the things on her marketing to do list that she outright ignores, namely reaching out to 2 new prospects per week.

It’s such a simple thing. “Why ignore it?” I asked.

Turns out it’s too vague. “I know I’m supposed to reach out to someone but who?”

We came up with the perfect solution: start the week with research as the marketing task so that when it’s time to actually reach out to someone, you already know who. You don’t have to spend the time trolling the Internet for prospects.

“Building in research time as a marketing task may feel like screwing around but that’s how you find the info you need.”

In fact, that’s exactly what the NEW “Creative Professional’s 2013 Marketing Plan + eCalendar” has scheduled for Mondays. And it gives you one task – and one task only – to do every day, so it doesn’t overwhelm you or your calendar!

We’ve done all the thinking for you. More details about what’s in it here.

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