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Mixmistress Colleen on networking…and on “networking”

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a networker, but if things keep up this way, I may have to revise my thinking.

I recently did an interview on the subject of networking with professional speaker Josh Hinds for his Business Networking Advice website.

Now I didn’t know Josh from Adam before "meeting" him via email. Josh approached my friend, Becky McCray, with whom I did the Great Big Small Business Show podcast a couple of years ago, and whom I met through my friend (and networker supreme), Chris Brogan, whom I originally heard of when he was interviewed by shameless self-promoter (and Podcasting Princess) Heidi Miller on her podcast, Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter.

To carry it further, I was at an event earlier this week where I met a 20-year veteran of the real estate business who is shifting into speaking, trying to help other real estate agents navigate the newly horrible waters of their business by using social media tools and showing them there’s life outside the headshot business card and advertising bus bench. So I had to hook her up with Josh, right? I mean, the networking and the speaking thing—how could I not?

The interesting thing to me is that it’s fun now, just meeting people and seeing where they’re going and how I can hook them up with people or resources I know about to help get them there. I remember seeing my dad do this when I was a young woman, just starting out, and thinking, "No WAY could I have a Rolodex like that, and know so many people, and actually be friends with them all."

Well, I’m starting to see that it’s not about being BFFs with everyone: it’s about enjoying every relationship or chance encounter you’re graced with, and passing that enjoyment along. Some people may wind up close friends in the inner circle; most will float in and out of your Dunbar range, depending on what’s happening with your life and theirs. All good, really.

Still, just for fun, I’d love to hear about circuitous connections you’ve made. Got any good stories?

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