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Mixmasters Elsewhere, Part Two: Notes on Design

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Ilise has been guest-posting at an interesting blog for designers called "Notes on Design."

It’s design-centric, in that their readership is pretty much all designers. But a lot of what Ilise writes about for designers applies to other small businesses, especially those of a creative bent.

Her most recent post, for example, is about following up via phone instead of email. She makes some excellent points for those of us who (let’s face it) probably were drawn partly to our field of endeavor because it seemed to limit the amount of outside contact we needed to have.

Ilise also got me into writing for Notes on Design. I like it because it forces me to think of one particular audience and what they might find useful from my repository of weird and random knowledge. In fact, my latest post is all about The One Thing Rule—how getting more specific can help you get more out of everything.

Which makes me think—what one thing would you share from your own vast repository of knowledge that’s helped you the most in your business?

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