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Meet The “Man With a Plan” — a business plan, that is

Posted by Ilise Benun on

JC_Candanedo_headshotI love this blog post from fashion photographer, JC Candanedo, who inspired my recent “Lame Marketing Excuses” series (especially Lame Marketing Excuse #1).

In it he outlines the plan that he’s been following since he quit his job and started his London-based fashion photography business almost 2 years ago.

Here’s the part I especially love:

Having a clear plan, even if it’s a mental plan, will give you a structure and will help you stay focused on what you want to accomplish. You can’t just do random marketing actions and then complain that you aren’t getting any results. You have to do your homework, research what others are doing, what is working and what is not, talk to people in both your industry and other industries to gather ideas, follow blogs from marketing experts like Ilise, sit down and write down what you have learned and define short, medium and long term goals to keep track of your progress.

Read the rest to find out what his plan is made of…he shares the details of his process on his blog.

And if you need a plan too, check out the Weekly Marketing Checklist — it tells you exactly what to do when.

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