Marketing Q&A: How to follow up after meeting in person…

Lately, I've been offering a new a la carte service of email mentoring – either per question, or via monthly subscription. It’s essentially for anyone who has one-off marketing questions and doesn’t need a full consultation. (If you're interested, email me for details about how it works at Here's a recent question I received:


I attended an event this morning – first to show my support to the director and staff I work for, but second because I knew that the executive director of the highest scoring prospect on my list would be speaking. I hung around after the program hoping for an opportunity to introduce myself …

An acquaintance did introduce me and talked about some of my community work – but my prospect stepped away before we got to my design work. So I said to my acquaintance, " I want to WORK with him." She said, "OH! Well just write him a note and mention that you met him today, etc. etc."

I would like your advice on what to do. My sometimes-propensity to be direct makes me want to jump in and just say, "Hey – we have this connection, and I could help you…" But I think sometimes it is smarter to make an initial "sincere" connection and work that a little bit before making it all about business.

This is not one I want to mess up. I have reached out to their marketing person twice over the last year or two via email (though without the benefit of your training) with no response.


Sounds like a great opportunity and I can understand not wanting to mess it up.

I think a combination of the two approaches would work. Remember, it’s good to be always in research mode, curious to find out all you can about your prospects and your target market.

So you can do what your colleague suggested in the follow up and then, ask if you can speak to him and/or someone on his team about their design needs, etc.

This might also be the perfect situation in which to offer a case study of what you've done for an organization just like theirs. Even if that marketing piece is not ready right now, you can offer it. That might motivate you to do it sooner rather than later, too.

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you handle it?