Marketing Mix Series: Anatomy of a tagline

In July of 2007, Ilise and Peleg began the process of examining the tagline for their business, Marketing Mentor.

After batting around ideas themselves, they opened up the exercise to include some people who could really help give them perspective on what was working: the Marketing Mentor community. Ilise sent out a newsletter explaining where she and Peleg were at with their process. She included the tags under consideration, and asked for feedback—which poured in, to the tune of over 250 responses!

It was such a remarkable example of the power of community, Ilise felt compelled to continue the conversation on the blog, and devoted an entire week to the discussion of taglines, what makes them work (or not) and how the process of exploration was affecting her and Peleg.

To make it easier to track, we’ve gathered the posts here in chronological order. And of course, we’d love your feedback on whether this was an interesting and helpful series, so let us know in the comments!

The newsletter that started it all (Tuesday, July 17)

It Takes a Village to Write a Tagline (Monday, July 23)

Includes the results of the Great Tagline Poll, along with a list of taglines under consideration.

Why Our Current Tagline Doesn’t Work (Tuesday, July 24)

An exploration of what both Marketing Mentor is looking for in a tagline; also, what all businesses should consider when testing a tagline.

Expanding Market, Changing Headline (Wednesday, July 25)

A little background and context for the search itself; how growth and a changing marketplace impacts marketing.

Taking the Mystery Out of Your Business (Thursday, July 26)

Learning more about your business can be a side benefit of being transparent about your process; also, some more taglines!

And the Winner Is… (Friday, July 27)

Results of the Great Tagline Search, along with some thoughts on the experience of making it public.