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Marketing Mix on Designers Who Blog

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Neil Tortorella, a fellow designer who wrote up a very nice blog post about the Marketing Mentor newsletter in general and Peleg’s referrals story in particular (short version on our site, here), also submitted The Marketing Mix to an excellent site (aptly) titled, "Designers Who Blog."

Our presence there notwithstanding, I’d visit DWB anyway for the great job it does of aggregating and summarizing the many online designer offerings out there.

Thanks to Neil and to Catherine ‘Cat’ Morley, überhostess of DWB, for the shoutout. In addition to being excellent designers at their own firms, Neil and Cat are also founding members of the outstanding design site, Creative Latitude, which has tons of great profiles on designers, interesting articles, useful downloads, etc. Jeez, guys…way to make me feel like a big slacker.

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