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Making “hot topics” accessible for your audience

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In her latest newsletter, Stephanie Helline from Strategic Design Studio took a hot topic, digital publishing, and made it accessible for her audience. She described what it is, why it’s important, and what the possibilities are—plus, included an example of how she did it for a client. Here’s an excerpt:

Digital Publishing  – You can do it too!

Are you participating in the tablet revolution? If you’re not—I bet you will be soon. Forrester Research forecasts that 35 million tablets will be sold in 2012. Will one belong to you? How many will belong to your ideal customers? Give a new user a tablet and they are swiping and interacting in no time. The colors pop, the type is crisp, and they’re pinching in the picture, flaring it out, and whooshing it left and right. Tablets are so easy—almost anyone can use them. Why? 

The touch screen makes all the difference. 

Using the basics, a simple touch, a quick swipe, the tablet is allowing your reader to experience your content in a more intimate way. It’s creating a new method by which you can meaningfully interact: by “digitally publishing” your communication materials. 

Why digitally publish? 

Well, if your target customer is three or older, you’ll want to digitally publish to be in front of them. And, you’ve already got the content! Repurpose it for this widely accessible communication vehicle. You’ve already invested in the development of the content, pushing it out via other avenues is cost effective. In the last issue of tactics we talked about trends, and the tablet is only getting more popular. It’s evident that if your market isn’t currently using tablets, they will be soon.

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