Making bottom lines sexy, tomorrow (March 8) in Brooklyn!

You probably don’t see your business bottom line as being sexy, fun, or particularly creative—but ultimately a good bottom line means money—and money can be very sexy, and enable fun and creativity.

If you’re into making your bottom line stronger, join me and Galia Gichon for Tuesday’s in person and extremely hands-on workshop at the Freelancers Union, The Cure to "Feast or Famine" Freelancing.

We've promised attendees they will walk away with an easy to use spending and savings plan, realistic income projections and a simple marketing plan. Don’t you want that?

In my presentation, I’ll be focusing on which marketing tools attract the best and highest-paying clients (to make your bottom line stronger). As I was preparing, I realized (once again) that the essential aspect of getting the clients you want is identifying them and choosing them carefully.

Think of what could happen when you pair your targeted marketing efforts—with a thriving bottom line. Imagine what you, and your business, could do…

Won’t you join us Tuesday, March 8 in Brooklyn. Learn to make marketing and finances work together in The Cure to "Feast or Famine" Freelancing. (Details and registration here.)

Or learn more about how the Marketing Mentor Groups work (next Beginner Group starts Monday, March 14, 2011). Details here.