Listen today to new Build Your Business radio show

Well, let’s just say it pays to reach out.

I don’t know why Barbara Weltman called me last week and asked if I wanted to be the guest on her new radio show for small business owners, but it could have had something to do with the fact that I’d reached out to her a few days earlier about the new 2008 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan/Calendar. When we first spoke, she said she would try to pitch it on her radio show if she had time.

Next thing I knew, she not only wanted to promote the Marketing Plan; she also wanted me to be one of her first guests.

So today (Monday, Jan 7th) at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern, I’ll be one of the guests on Build Your Business, a new weekly, 1-hour Internet radio show from The Business Owner’s Toolkit, a resource site published by Troy Janisch. Here’s where you click to listen.

Even if you can’t listen live, you can listen to the show as a podcast later.

And if you want to hear more of me (talking about marketing, of course), I’ve been a regular guest on Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate for the last several years now, and most of our shows on networking and other low-cost marketing tools are archived here.