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LinkedIn Tip: Export Your Connections (QTMM 1/4/17)

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Did you know you can export the email addresses of all your LinkedIn Connections? 

I made a 3-minute explainer video to show you exactly how.

Watch it here:

Think about it. Your LinkedIn Connections is probably your best list of contacts — people who know you, people you’ve worked with, and prospects who have accepted your invitation to connect, though nothing has come of it — YET!

BTW, that’s my favorite word for 2017 — “yet” — because these things take time and we have to be patient. 

So here are 3 simple tasks to start the new year on the right foot:

  1. Export your LinkedIn Connections.
  2. Choose the 10 (or 25 or 50) people on that contact list who you would like to work with.
  3. Reach out (via email and/or phone if you dare) to say, “Happy new year, I’m here to help if you need it.” 

This is amazing, so simple, a no brainer, and a great way to kick off 2017. 

For more LinkedIn tips, take a look at a presentation I gave last month, “Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Shape for the New Year.

And here are a few more resources to start off 2017:

BTW: I’m getting excellent feedback on the new plan, The Marketing Blueprint: How to Connect the Dots of Your Marketingin which I show you how to use the only 6 marketing tools you need, as a system, with 54 “excellent examples” of real people doing it right (and lots of video)! Take a look — it just may be on sale still!

As always, if you want help figuring out how to get better clients, it may be time to take me up on my free mentoring session offer – it has no expiration date and I promise it’s not a sales pitch! 

Want better clients in 2017 but can’t afford a big conference?

Then come to the 1/2 day intensive, Get Better Clients Bootcamp at HOW Design Live, May 2, 2017 in Chicago. Details here:

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