Let’s talk money & value: Join me on April 21st in NYC…


Join me and become a member of Spark, the NYC organization of design professionals, at a special rate, for HOW TO TALK MONEY, PRICE & VALUE on Tuesday, April 21st.

Pricing your services is a continual challenge, whether you’re a seasoned or rookie creative professional. New services and new technologies mean adapting the way you approach and talk money with prospects and clients and demonstrate the value you bring to each working relationship.

You will learn:

  • The “right” way to think about “what you’re worth”
  • How to gauge a prospect’s budget before you spend/waste time on a proposal
  • How to do 3-tiered pricing
  • How to package your services

Tuesday, April 21st
6:30 PM @Noble Desktop, 594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
1 free ticket for members, $25.00 for non-members

Get more details and register here.