Let’s help the Tims out…

Unlike the game hide and seek, in the world of business it’s important to be out in the open so your prospects can find you. To do this, it’s imperative to know how and where they look.

In the past few weeks, two illustrators, both named Tim, have asked the question, “Where do you find illustrators?”

Tim Read asked it on the CFC LinkedIn Group, and Tim Goldman asked via this email:

Hey Creatives, art directors or anyone who hires illustrators/graphic artists, how do you find illustrators to hire for your projects? Do you just Google a style or the name of a specific illustrator.

Do you use a portfolio site like The iSpot or Alternative Pick to search for just the right artist to do the job?

If two Tim’s who are illustrators want to know the answer to this question, I’d imagine that quite a few other illustrators (who aren’t named Tim) would like to know as well. So let’s help them out.

What keywords or resources do you use when you’re searching for an illustrator? What exactly is your process for finding one?