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Keywords made simple

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Sometimes the process of choosing the right keywords can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are two easy-breezy keyword resources for you.

Alan Kravitz, a copywriter who integrates SEO into his copywriting services (and a Marketing Mentor client), recently published some excellent tips in his email newsletter, 5 Things to Remember about Keywords. He gives five tips about keywords and includes this handy list of useful keyword tools:

Keyword research is easy – and affordable! It's true. You no
longer need an M.I.T. degree to research keywords effectively. I either use – or have used – all these tools. Many are free, or at least have free trials. Check them out and test drive them.

• Google Keyword Tool – You do not have to have a Google Adwords account to do basic research.
• Wordtracker – Great for helping you find lots of keywords.
• Keyword Discovery – This site has an amazing feature for research on misspelled words. 
• Microsoft Keyword Forecast – Type in a keyword and it gives you the word's past performance – as well as a "forecast" of how popular it could be in the future.
• Google Analytics – Helps not only with keywords, but with web page effectiveness.
• SEO Glossary – Don't know what an algorithm is? Look it up here.
• Mashable and Social Media Examiner – Two of the best sites out there for easy-to-understand social media info.

In Norma Maxwell’s latest article on Biznik, A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Business, she addresses how choosing the right keywords can help you get qualified and targeted visitors to your site. Read it here.

Every marketing-smart website should include SEO and keyword basics. If you need help getting the content for your website ready, the next Website in a Week course begins Mid-August. Details here or fill out this form.

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