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January by the numbers

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Hi, I'm Deidre. In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a web copywriter, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and what I’m learning as I go (with Marketing Mentor as my guide).

Nope, I’m not talking about snow totals. I’m talking about the numbers that track my accomplishments (and shortfalls!) in business and life. Why wait until the end of the year? Ilise suggests we do recaps every month to keep us on track. Since January is history—here’s mine:


• total clients – 8
o     new – 5 
o     who are designers – 5
o     who were referred to me – 2
o     who I’d been keeping in touch with – 4
• client projects completed – 9
o     websites written – 3
o     blogs + newsletters written – 5
o     brochures + reports polished – 1 
new projects added to website – 5
testimonials added to website – 2
• cups of coffee consumed – 2 (I’m trying to quit and opt for tea.)
• weekdays I slept in – 4 (I’m also trying to quit.)
• pairs of winter boots purchased – 1 (Finally I have appropriate footwear to walk outside!) 
• days I exercised – maybe 5 (Can I blame the snow? No! I have snow boots.) 
• days I worked on my passion project – 6 (Enough already. Must stop letting this slip.)
un-newsletters sent – 1 (so far, so good!)
• hotels booked in Boston – 1 (CFBC, here I come! You should come, too.) 
• dollars short of monthly goal – 1200 (Damn. Better step it up!) 
• projects in pipeline – 4

How does this compare to last January? Well—not great, actually. By checking the invoices I sent through Freshbooks, it looks like I had 11 clients last January, and I collected 35% more revenue than this year. This makes me kind of nervous, but it’s better I know now than when it’s too late. I will work extra hard to kick some butt in February! Are you with me?

Go ahead. Recap your month and share it here. It can only help!

* Snow boots, courtesy, Shutterstock.


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