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It’s not too late to join the Web Site in a Week process

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you really need to finish the content for your marketing smart website – this week – you can. How?  By joining the Web Site in a Week Group. The majority of the work will be done this weekend, with short conference calls and assignments, and by Sunday afternoon, you’ll have everything you need and ready to post.

Here’s the schedule (all Eastern time):

* Monday through Thursday you will be reading independently. 
* Thursday or Friday AM, you will do online research and prep work.
* On Friday at 1PM EST we will have the kick-off conference call and assignment.
* On Saturday, there will be conference calls and assignments at both 9AM and Noon. The first draft of your website text is due on Saturday at 7PM if you want feedback.
* Ilise will stay up all night reading and commenting, and will send in-depth comments by Sunday morning.
* There will be a conference call on Sunday at 9AM, and you will spend the day revising your content before the final conference call at 3PM Eastern.

Think about it. After all this time dragging your feet, by this Sunday you could have the content for a marketing-smart web site that your prospects and clients will find useful and usable. (No technology involved in this process.)

One of our participants gave this to herself for her birthday. If you’d like to give the gift of a website to yourself, find out more here:

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