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It really is all about who you know

Posted by Ilise Benun on


I was talking with a client this week who needs to find more prospects (that’s why most clients come to me in the first place). Her pool of prospects, past clients and colleagues, is very small. She’s good at cultivating the relationships with people in her small group network but the smallness of it is the problem. She needs to expand the pool. How?

Short answer: Networking.

The longer I am in business (and it’s almost 30 years now), the more people I meet and the more relationships I cultivate (that’s not a given — it takes effort), the clearer it is to me that the way to grow is by building strategic alliances — through networking!

FACT: Strong networkers have a much larger pool of people to call on and to collaborate with.

Networking was the topic on the table in my recent conversation with Jim Blasingame on his show, The Small Business Advocate. Listen to that here…

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