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It could be easier than you think

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I want to say congrats to Pam Foster, Sr. Web-SEO Copywriter, Consultant and Coach at ContentClear Marketing, for getting her article, Improve Web Site Conversions in Two Simple Steps, published by the prestigious DMNews last week.

When I asked Pam how she did it, she told me, “It was much easier than anyone would think.” Here’s what Pam said about how she got published:

I was reading a recent print copy of DMNews and saw a call for articles for their upcoming special supplement on Internet Marketing. I noticed I had missed the deadline, but I decided to contact the Editor anyway and submit an article I felt would be very helpful to her readers, just in case.

She liked the article and confirmed that I'd missed the supplement deadline, but she told me she'd run it in the weekly post for Digital Insider.

This happened very quickly — I read the notice on Sunday and the Editor ran my piece on Tuesday. It must have helped that I followed their article-submission instructions to the letter and had sent her a relevant piece for her audience, ready to go.

Have you gotten articles published recently? Any advice on how others can do it too?

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