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Is your LinkedIn title landing you clients?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In his latest post for the International Freelancers Academy, Creative Ways to Land Freelance Work from Social Media, Ed Gandia shares how 12 successful self-employed professionals have used social media to land new clients.

I contributed one section about Karen McElmoyle, a Charlotte, NC-based designer who specializes in law firms, who was awarded a $10,000+ web design project from a law firm that found her on LinkedIn — all because of her title, that tiny line under her name. Here it is:

#12: Craft a Powerful Title for Your LinkedIn Profile


Her LinkedIn title reads, “Helping Law Firms & Financial Services Companies Elevate Their Brand & Bottom Line.”

These lawyers didn’t search Google for a local web designer. Like many professionals these days, they used LinkedIn as a search engine. And they chose someone who understands their business, rather than a generalist.

Because Karen positioned herself well, her expertise was communicated clearly in her title and even more thoroughly in her profile.

If her title had been generic, such as “Owner of KM Design,” or worse, “Graphic Designer,” those lawyers wouldn’t have seen her profile, much less chosen her.

That’s one reason why that tiny one-liner is the most important element in your profile.

Here’s another: Unless someone clicks on your full profile, your name and title are the only things visible on LinkedIn lists, such as the list of "People Also Viewed" and “People You May Know,” as well as when you accept someone’s invite to connect. So your title had better do a good job of saying what you do.

Does yours?

See how 11 others are using social media to land work.

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