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Is sending a printed newsletter passe?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

For years, I have been receiving (in my mailbox!) a 2-page bi-monthly printed newsletter from Alyssa Lebovic, of NJ-based Keller & Lebovic,CPAs. I recently asked her if it’s worth the time and effort and expense to write, print and send it, now that email newsletters have become so inexpensive and easy. Here’s what she said:

My thinking is that at first, I looked like a dinosaur with a paper newsletter, but I continued to stand firm and now we’ve been bombarded with email newsletters to the point that I delete most of them unless I really know the person, like you, so I can only imagine that other people do the same.

I’ve become such a minority at this point, that I have little other competition for people’s attention to read mine. I hope that people put it aside to read when they’re on hold on a call or otherwise have a moment, to read it and save it for later or as a reference.

My partner and I have agreed to disagree on the value of this newsletter. We send about 450 to clients and about 250 to contacts and prospects. I am committed to maintaining the databases at 700 names, so each mailing, (bi-monthly) forces me to clean the list to keep it at no more than 700.

My partner says, if you can’t follow up 250 names, then what’s the point. My argument is that it’s cheap advertising (I’d still need to order the main subscription to send to my 450 clients) to a directed target of people who have met me somewhere, sometime in the past 2-3 years. By repetitively getting in front of them, it’s still passive marketing.

And every so often, someone will say, “You know, I’ve been getting your newsletters, and I’ve been meaning to call you and I finally got around to it.” So, I figure, even if that’s only once or twice a year, it still paid for itself and you just can’t measure how much name recognition subliminally works on people.

I agree with Alyssa, although I haven’t sent anything like that in the mail in years. What do you think?

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