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Is package pricing right for you? Questions answered.

Posted by Ilise Benun on

On the blog, I suggested that package pricing is the best response to the ridiculous question, “How much is a website?”

The package pricing concept has stirred up quite a few questions, so in today’s post, I want to address these questions and help clarify if package pricing is right for you.

Which clients respond best to package pricing?
Package deals are especially appropriate for clients with small budgets and, in particular, for simple web projects and even corporate ID, when there’s a clear deliverable. It helps unsophisticated buyers understand what they’re buying, which makes it easier to sell, thereby positioning you as an expert. The perception is: You do so many of these you even have a package price.

It’s a clean way to price because…
A package price puts boundaries around a project by saying, “For $XX,000 you get this and for $XX,000 you get that.” Anything over and above gets charged as extra. Like hourly pricing, it’s a clean and simple way to price.

Does package pricing work for complex projects?
Package pricing doesn’t work for projects that are complex and undefined. You can, however, use your packages as marketing tools. They provide a concrete starting point for any conversation. From there, you tailor your offering to your client’s needs by adding features and adjusting the price. You probably offer a variety of projects that have different time and skill requirements, but defining packages doesn’t take away from that. In fact, it can help. Let them know the packages are just a starting point: Need something different from these packages? We’d love to help you customize your perfect project.

Have any other questions about package pricing? Email me or post them here and I’ll be happy to respond.

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