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Is it tacky to request work in a first meeting?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Recently, I’ve been providing email mentoring – either per question, or via monthly subscription. It’s essentially for anyone who has one-off marketing questions and doesn’t need a full consultation. (If you're interested, email me for details at Here's a recent question I received: 

Q: I'm going through the cards of the connections I made at an event last week. One woman said I'd be a good connection for her daughter, who works for a large non-profit. She did take my card but I don't want to wait to hear from her.  Is it tacky to ask for work for the first time you reach out? 

A: That sounds like a pretty good lead. The approach is not “asking for work” but learning more about the needs of the non profit. I would request a quick chat to find out what she knows about their needs and who she can put you in touch with. If she doesn’t have time to talk, you can offer the alternative of giving you the name of the person you can contact. 

Need advice on a marketing situation? I’m a few clicks away… 


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