Is a newsletter a goal?

As the year comes to an end, conversations with clients turn toward goals for 2011. And I notice that there is some confusion between goals and tactics.

You may want to send out a monthly newsletter but the newsletter isn't the goal. It's one of the tools that will get you to your goal.

So what would the goals be?

This morning with a client, Chris Hyde of Cipher Creative, we spent our session discussing a few different ways of thinking about his goals.

You can try these on too.

Goal #1: Client breakdown
What percentage of your work comes from 1 or 2 major (gorilla) clients? If it's more than 25% for any client, you're in a dangerous position. Your goal should be to get it down to 25% or lower. Not by doing less for those clients, of course, but by getting more work from other new ones.

Goal #2: Type of project breakdown
Do you prefer to do the work that involves your brains or your hands?
What about the difference between one-off projects or large campaigns?
Goal #3: Revenue
It's always a good idea to keep your eye on your gross income year to year as a way to track your progress.

Do you know how much you'll bring in for 2010? Whatever that number is, can you increase it by 10% for 2011? 15%? 20%?

What is realistic for you and what do you have to do to reach that? Most of the time, it's just a question of effort.
Goal #4: Profitability
Which of the projects you do are most lucrative? Which ones take the least time and bring in the most money?

Are you more profitable when you do all the work yourself? Or when you contract out to others?
You need to know this so you can go after more of the profitable work.
If you want a sounding board to discuss your goals I am offering 10 one-hour slots during the month of January. For fees and timing, email me….