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Introducing: Guest Post Tuesdays

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I love the way things are constantly changing and evolving in life, and in particular, in this business.

Take the Marketing Mix Blog, for example. I used to post once a week and it was sometimes a struggle to get that material together.

Then, little by little, we started expanding and put the word out that we are looking for guests, other voices contributing their own experiences to the blog. Before long, every day had its own blogger and even its own "identity" (maybe you noticed). Now there are not enough days in the week for all the people who want to contribute, which we love!

So today, we're initiating "Guest Post Tuesdays" — we'll post all the guest posts we have in the queue on Tuesdays. Today we have 3 for you. Patrice Robertie of Acorn Advertising writing about her 15-Minute Miracle Marketing Strategy; Tom "TNT" Tumbusch of Digital Dynamite on why he doubled his prices in the middle of a recession (and why you should too) and Luis Maimoni about how to bring more of you into your brand.

And if you want to be part of this lineup of guest posters, send your ideas to me at ilise at marketing dash mentor dot com.

Here is Patrice's post, called The 15-Minute Miracle:

One day recently, I was struggling with making my marketing calls.

All morning, I kept thinking to myself, “I just don’t have two hours to do that right now.”

At about 1:30 in the afternoon, still struggling and still not having made the two calls I promised myself I would make, an idea came to me out of the blue: I’ll use a timer.

You see, I have a digital timer I use when I’m writing – a trick I got from Ernest Hemingway for breaking up work on big projects into manageable chunks.

It occurred to me that I could use a variation on that technique with my cold calls. I decided to give myself 15 minutes to make the calls and – however far I got in 15 minutes – that was going to be good enough for that day.

I set the timer, got out my list, made the calls, left voice-mail messages and updated my call sheet with their email addresses and filed the folder away for the next day … total elapsed time, 11 minutes.

It was a revelation to me – that something I had spent hours worrying about doing – that I had allowed to expand in my mind to “that will take two hours, for sure” – actually took less than 15 minutes … including being able to give myself a little pat on the back as I checked “Made my calls” off my daily list.

It also made me realize that I was doing that with other tasks too – things that ended up undone day after day because I kept thinking “I don’t have time to do that right now.” So I started attacking those with the 15-Minute Miracle. Many are easily finished in that short time … which always feels like a happy surprise. (With the ones that aren’t done, I stop knowing where I will go in the next 15 minutes, another trick I adapted from Hemingway.)

Sometimes I even plan ahead for several 15 minute sessions when I know beforehand that one won’t be enough. Last week, I had a list I had to compile going back over 12 months of data, and I planned for (6) 15-minute sessions. In the end, it only took 2 … which felt like a bonus!

Doing things this way has definitely made me more productive, and it’s made me feel more productive. It’s a simple, adaptable, completely low-tech little technique that actually works. Do you have any tricks like this to get yourself to do certain tasks?

Thanks again to Patrice Robertie of Acorn Advertising in Arlington MA.

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